About Us

fmss Music Video productions is a part of fmss radio's company, which offer a quality video production.


Our company is based in Sweden but we also a team in Africa(DRC KINSHASA).


fmssproduction understands and appreciates how difficult it is for unsigned artists to support themselves and cover the huge expenses that comes with recording and releasing music.


An independent artist now has to finance everything, i.e: producers, recording sessions, sound engineers, promotion and of course the obligatory music video. The music video is now undisputedly the number one marketing tool





FRANCK L (Director/Videographer- Beat Maker)

SAKHER STEN (Director/Videographer

UDOKA JAMES (Director/Videographer


(Dancers team Europe)

Jedissa (Designer,makeup women)

Vera D

(Dancers team Africa)

What We Can Do:


  • Studio Shoot (White/Black Background)
  • Green Screen Shoot (plus effects in edit)
  • Live Event Filming
  • Portable Equipment, we can shoot anywhere
  • We have our own portable Back drops/lights/cameras
  • Our Cameras: Nikon , Canon EOS 5D and others proff cameras
  • Creative Writing of scripts and storyboards
  • Professional Photography
  • Behind the Scenes videography
  • We can provide models/dancers/fire breathers/makeup artists


All types of editing including tints, colour grading, touch ups and special effects



tel: +46706624486

For online booking, please go to contact's page.