James Udoka is a talented

artist and music producer currently based in Sweden ,Europe. He hails from Nigeria but has traveled the world with his unique songs and productions. He has released many albums and music videos in Africa. The latest video is titled 'Higher'

and was released 2012.

His music style varies from Pop/soul and gospel. Of all his productions, he prefers producing songs for his

African audience across the globe.

He started singing in the church as a child and has led many mass choir both in africa and in Europe.


He has also worked with many big gospel artists in Africa. Outside music, Udoka James has BSC in mechanical engineering and BA in journalism.

Melina Katende Pop R&B Musician Melina Katende Melina4u African singer Songwriter , (born December 27, 1989), known on YouTube as melinakat, is a singer, songwriter and guitarist known for covers of hit songs by artists such Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Lil Wayne, Amy Winehouse, Beyonce, Chris Brown, Katy Perry, Mariah Carey and more. In November 2011, she released her free debut EP, Real Deal , which is available on reverbnation.

It includes the tracks “Suddenly”, “Real Deal” , “SuperFly” and “Wind That Blows”. Melina is best known for her video covering "Love The Way You Lie" by Rihanna ft Eminem, which has had over 380 000 views. She's had over 1.7 million views on her videos channel. In June of 2011 , Melina was chosen as one of four Africans female singers to participate in Avon’s Voices- a global singing competition. Melina was selected by a panel

of judges including Fergie from Black Eyed Peas, Natasha Bedingfield, Delta Goodrem and Diane Warren. As the youngest contestant in the African group, Melina travelled to Brazil where she recorded and performed two cover songs.


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Sr Lilia Bimpe Gospel singer of origin of the DRC Kinshasa, known as the

Sr. Lilia Bimpe muayila, is a native of Western Kasai, born of chretienne father and mother.

She decided to serve Christ in his infancy. Passionate of music and rock by gospel music since she was young.

she decide to serve God through praise and worship.

She began her musical career at the age of 10 years at the church Nzambe malamu of Kitambo, where she has perfom and work with the music until the age of 16 years.

Sr lilia had work with many gospel's singer from DRC kinshasa which made her to be who she is today.(Charle mombaya(R.I.P ) , Gael Lumumba with Fr Pyllo ect..

Sr lilia muayila still work with the music until today at the church of the pastor Walo from DRC kinshasa as cantor and servant of God.

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Chris Beyond ndukwe Pop, afro song's writer and singer. Music is his passion and a piece of his life.He began to sing since he was young and he crossed many struggles in his life . He decided to work with the music because those are troubles that he met. Music is his passion and loves to share it with the world. Chris Beyond Ndukwe started his music's life in 2009 untill now. His styles are Rnb, Hip pop, Reggae, Pop, Afro Beat . He is from Nigeria but he lives in Sweden .

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FL KING is my stage 's name. I am an artist and song writer, currently based in Sweden ,Europe. He hails from DRC Kinshasa but has traveled the world with his unique songs . Rap and afro beat is the key of my life. I started music in 2012 with the female singer call Feven, I was also one of the dance and music team B-boys from Övik. Music is my passion and a part of my ife. i actually work with my debut album. which i will dedicated to Africa.

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Tresor Amani , Skatt T.A is my stage 's name. I am an Swedish Congolese rapper,song writer and dancer, currently based in Sweden ,Europe. He hails from DRC Kinshasa but has traveled the world with his unique songs . Rap , rnb and afro beat is a part of my life. Music is my passion and a part of my life. i actually work with my debut album .

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Gilliam Nsumbu call also Prince G. is a r&b Pop singer and Songwriter , He lives in Sweden and has african's bakground.


He started singing in the church as a child and has led many mass choir both in africa and in Europe. He has also worked with many big gospel artists in Africa.


Music is his passion and a part of his life. Prince G. N known for his covers of hit songs by artists such MAGIC! Rude, John legend - All of me, Chris Brown - Don't Judge me and much more. In Year 2014, participate him to the swedish idol. Prince G-Gilliam nsubu is also a student .



Gilliam nsumbu is working with his first singel album call " MY Shine ".



Okes Masima AfroFusion singer Songwriter and host from Nigeria.,Live in Sweden( götebord).Okes Masima is the Creator of Afrofusion Beat, a Nigerian Musician based in Sweden.

He founded is first band in Nigeria 1995 and formed is second band in 2007 in Sweden.

He has performed in various Jazz clubs,Festivals in Sweden and outside Sweden.

The name of the Band is Called OKES MASIMA AND THE AFROFUSION BAND.

The songs of his first effort is namely: (1)HOT HOT HOT (2) AFROFUSION NO GO DIE (3)


This year l decided to write a song titled' SHAKE WETIN YOUR MAMA GIVE YOU' a song sequence with Matinz at a studio in Borås, then he proceeded to mix and master it with an international produced Fanky francois llos of fmssproduction in Orebro ,the song featured Udoka J.

Okes Masima is not only a Musician, he's a professional Dj, Radio Presenter with a Swedish FM Station.An Author, the C.E.O of Romeo Music and Film Venture based in Nigeria, where above songs was originally produced by Eddy King and Co-produced by Okes Masima.

Okes Masima is a member of STIM a musician body in Stockholm Sweden and MCV in Göteborg.

The songs were sent to Fmssproduction of Franky to see how the songs would be improved and registered with itunes and to promote his music into the international market.


Okes Masima

Music email:

Clarisse Motho was born 29 July 1989 in Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, in a family of 7 children 5 girls and 2 boys which it is the second daughter of the family. At the age of 8, she learned to sing in a choir in the Catholic church. her wish was to become a singer one day in her life. she joined a music’s group which knew with the name of "BENEDICTA" . they hade perfom alot live show in different churchs. She har paticipated to many rehearsal sessions and recording’s sessions with her startings music group BENEDICTA, where she was tring to draw and prepare her future. Claris is a songwriter and perfomer. Her music is based on mixning of many styles, as Congolese folk’s music, Rnb Bleus, Soul and Afro beat. Her music is influenced by WHITNEY -HOUSTON, TRACY -CHAPMAN, BRENDA-FASSIE. In 2008.

CLARIS began her music’s career as a chorister in the gospel’s band call of BENJAMNIN. In 2009, she participates to the music’s competition call « la concoure de chant ART au féminin première éduction » in RDC kinshasa, where she won the third place. She was invited to singing and accompany alot of singers during the song’s contest organized by VODACOM SUPER STAR, which was sponsored by AKON and many others music’s industries in kinshasa DRC. She met many musicians as PAPA WEMBA, Nathalie Makoma, LONGO, DODO MIKANDA , YVONNE CHAKA CHAKA, THALA-MUANA, Mbilia –BEL, TABU –LEY, LEXXUS –LEGAL, LUTUMBA-SIMARO, BOZI –BOZIANA, FIKO FIKO FIO, FERRE GOLA, Dezy-MBUZSE, Manda-CHAN, PEPE-NDOMBE, VONGAE, SANDRA-MPONGO, TOM, DACOSTA, OLIVIER TSHIMANGA ,Adolphe DOMINGHEZ and more.

In 2013, she deciced to take her destiny, she released her first single call PETIT DEJEUNNER. In 2014 and 2015, she is working now with a Team of Mastola Kikene, one of the best sound ing och producer of Afro beat.

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Anthony sky is a Rap/Afro hip hop Artist based In Stockholm Sweden.


Anthony started his journey as a soccer player with big dreams like every other ambitious African youth. He has been in many countries, many cities in the World including Holland, Sweden, Hungary, France, USA, UK, just to mention but few.


Anthony Sky is Multi-gifted, "The Talented " is what they call him, all to the Glory of God Almighty. He started singing in the church choir in Holland and by the time He landed in Sweden he already was ready for this..(The Music industry).


Currently Anthony Sky has released his 1st EP on Spotify and Itunes tittled "En Route TO LimeLight", also a Unity Song for peace in the World we all live in," we must try and give peace a chance and let Love be our religion".


Anthony is been influenced by artist like 2face Idibia,Burna Boy , Marry J Blige Nas, Chamillionaire, Ursher Raymond, Chronixx, Bob Marley,Busy Signal and more.


In his debut single ''I NO LIE" he raps about his mind on his Grind, Game and Groove, his personal love for the City of Lagos and encouraging every youths in the World to keep up the hard work but also put more intelligence and acknowledge GOD's name on a 247 basis.


The Revolution Has Just Begun .

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