Who are we?


We are an online radio station offering different types of program among other musics , broadcastings, interviews, publicities, promotion for both privat and campany and exclusive interview and reportage.


Our headquarters is situated in Sweden and we have our international branch offices in many countries.

fmss Radio station is your one-stop station radio and inspirational experience.

We broadcast our programs in Swedish,french, arabic and english which make us unique in many countries such in DRC Kinshasa.


fmss radio station believes in quality , we have committed online listeners from all over the globe.


Our vision is to expand, spread and contribute to the development of the musical universe by was crossing the internet.

We are a full-service station broadcasting entertainment, news, traffic news, culture news, sport news,weather and much more.

All these elements are rolled into our hot and exciting breakfast, afternoon and evening drive time shows.

If you have your own company and want you be heard around of the world, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Finally, our station has international reach , therefore , we will be providing our listeners with songs and programs in different languages.

Our international correspondents and reporters will be proving us with current news-feeds to update our listeners with what is going around of the globe.


Our audience consists of listeners from a variety of age groups . Currently, over 90% of minority consumers listen to radio every week .

fmssradio can be heard on the following media devices:

• Windows Media

• Tune In Free Mobile App

• Liveonlineradio

• Delicatest radio

• winnap

• iTunes Radio

. Radiotuna

. Direct app ( google store)

and much more

FMSS RADIO has also those are media bransch that describe below:

1. Recording studio

2. Video production


4.Online TV ( coming soon)

fmssradio is your and will always be your radio station

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