Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I get my business listed in the online directory?


First of all, thanks for supporting FMSSRADIO! Our online directory is how we share this info. There are two types of listings: Standard and Featured.


Featured Listing:


These are businesses that have donated at certain levels and are acknowledged on the air. If your business is interested in donating to FMSSRADIO and having your donation acknowledged on-air, contact our Underwriting Team at +46765863657 or +243998 19 27 55 to learn more about these partnerships.


Standard Listing:


A donor on behalf of a business, donating to FMSSRADIO. These donations are made online through the donation form and donor must choose the option to have their business displayed on the Business Page. A minimum $100.00 donation is required per month to have your business displayed. A one-time donation of $1200.00 allows your business to display the entire year to the Business Page. To get started on making a donation on behalf of your business, click here. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us


Once I make a pledge, will I be listed in the directory right away?


Of course Yes! To set this up, be sure to check the box “Sign me up as a Business or Organization Account” and follow the prompts for your listing. Just make your qualifying pledge and your listing will be added the same day.

If you need any help along the way, give us a call at +46765863657 or +243998 19 27 55 .


How do i update my listing , adress , informations and make it changes?


You can update all of your information through My Account.


OnceMy business kind of fits in more than one category, what should i do ?


Right now, we list businesses under just one category. Choose the category that you feel is really the best fit. If you don't see a category that describes your business, let us know. In our next release, we might be able to add some new additions. Just send your recommendations to infos@fmssradio.com.


How will FMSSRADIO listeners know we are supporters?


Our online directory is just a click away and every business listed is a supporter. You can also help spread the word by telling your customers about fmssradio.


How is my FMSSRADIO profile used to improve the streaming experience?


Thank you for streaming FMSSRADIO! We need help to continue improving your streaming experience. By logging in to your K-LOVE profile while streaming, you’re helping us track and measure performance, quality, and activity. This information is used for updating the streaming experience. Your FMSSRADIO profile also grants you access to all FMSSRADIO features.


How can i download app on my smartphone?


You can go to Google Play butik if you are using android or others smartphones which have access to play butik.

the app is free and you don't need to pay money.

Obs: the name of our is fmss radio which can be found on google play butik.


How can i listen to online streaming radio on any smathphone?


search on google or any webbrowser your name fmss radio or FMSS", you will be able to found many online 'radio where are international radio is connected.

For any questions, please contact us on our contact 's page ( click here contact us )


How can i participated on direct show or program by phone or social's media?


You need just to add us with our official social media, like facebook " fmssradioandtv" or skype "fmstudio radio station" , once you did, you will able to get in on directe show,

you can also add this facebook for live's call online "armand mbuka".


How can i be partners of fmssRadio?


Thank for the questions, you need to contact us on our contact's page for get all the informations for partnership.


How can send my song or album for the promotion to fmssRadio?


Thank for the questions, you need to contact us on our contact's page for get all the informations, prices for your amazing's song or album?


I would listen to the live using the address of the mp3 stream my music player or radio my WIFI?


You can listen to our radios directly to your Android and iOS mobile applications.

You can also access our radios on various services offering provides a multi brand: Box of ISPs, mobile applications, web portal including the following examples: Freebox Revolution, TuneIn, Radioline, Todae live, Orange Radio, iTunes software ...


How can is listen to FMSS radio on frequency FM?


we have signed a partnership with afrika fm in DRC KINSHASA, which allow our listners from africa to listen our live radio or program on FM 98.3. For get more informations call us at +46765863657 or +243998 19 27 55 .


How can i submit my donation to fmssradio?


You need to visit our donation's page and send us your questions. ( click here contact us )


How can i buy fmss's product?


you need to visit our online butik, if you need help, please contact us on our contact's page.


Ho can i pay online my product?


you can pay by bank's transfer or visa card , paypal or western union,

for more informations , please contact us on our contact's page.

or call us at +46765863657 or +243998 19 27 55 .



I have others questions, how can i submit to fmssradio?


You need to visit our contact's page and send us your questions. ( click here contact us )


you can also contact us on our official's facebook.


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